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What is the Star Citizen Credits?

Star Citizen Credits and United Earth Credits is the main currency of Star Citizen which is produced by the Roberts Space Company. UEC is the official currency of the Central Core Bank, which also aka Imperials. Having more UEC and Credits in game will help players win the game more easier.

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Star Citizen News

Goat Simulator runs with Star Citizen and Trump

It is virtually impossible to know what works played before at home in the cottages. The Goat Simulator would be one-out hit was probably get as predicted, but so it was. Which of course led to downloadable con...

Goat Simulator Is Still Around, Now Making Fun Of Star Citizen

Against all odds, Goat Simulator came out in 2014. Against more odds, it continues to exist as a real video game that’s very dumb, but pretty fun for a couple hours. Last year, it got an expansion tha...

Star Citizen 2.4 - First conclusion for new Alpha

The Alpha patch 2.4 for Star Citizen brings many new features designed, among other things, the shopping game mechanics. Keep Backer can go shopping in different stores now both in the social module on ArcCorp ...
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